About Sirius Fnord Glass

Traditional Techniques/Modern Design: I am part of a team of people that uses traditional methods to create glass out of sand, metals, and fire. The vibrant colors are not a result of pigment, and coatings, but chemical reactions between the gold, copper, silver, and heat. The colors will never lose their brilliancy. I enjoy working with color and texture to create modern heirlooms. My designs are one of a kind, never to be repeated.

Sustainability: I strive to be as sustainable as possible. I often up-cycle glass that would otherwise be discarded, and carry glass from the factory to my studio on my bike. As little glass is wasted in my process as possible.

Custom Work: Please contact me with your custom requests. I enjoy custom work, including plate sets, however the uniqueness of my process does not allow repetition of exactly the same piece. Please allow 4-6 weeks of turn around for larger (multi-piece) projects.